Medical Tattooing

 Areola Tattoos for All Genders

Areola tattoos can provide the finishing touch for people who have experienced mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, breast reductions, uplifts and implants.

Whatever the reconstruction reason:
-As a part of breast cancer recovery
-As a part of your gender affirming surgery-
-As a part of your personal process

Areola tattoos are the final touch to help you find home in your body.

Scar treatments


Multi-trepannic Collagen Actuation (also known as dry needling):
-Treats both old and new scars
-Flattens raised scars
-Relaxes tight scar tissue
-Stimulates cell regeneration
-Reactivates collagen and elastin production
-Stimulates melanin production
-Improves medical tattooing results

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