Tattoo Removal

 Salt and Saline Tattoo Removal

Salt and Saline Tattoo removal is the gentlest, safest method of tattoo removal available.

This approach to tattoo removal is ideal for erasing cosmetic and semi-permanent tattoos, usually in a single, virtually painless session.  Salt and Saline removal can also be used to lighten permanent tattoos, but complete removal should not be expected.  This is a perfect route for folks wanting to cover up an existing tattoo that is quite dark with a new design.

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal

Laser-free tattoo removal.  Minimal discomfort.  Low risk.  Affordable results.

Rejuvi Can:

-Remove permanent tattoos
-Remove medical or cosmetic tattoos
-Lighten tattoo pigments (improves options for cover up tattoos)
-Produce negative artwork in areas of solid pigment
-Remove selective parts of a tattoo
-Be used on all colors of pigment
-Remove radiotherapy marks
-Allow for normal tanning and hair growth post-treatment

Most removals are successful within 3-4 treatments, making it one of the fastest non-surgical methods available.  Rejuvi’s removal product is applied into the existing tattoo with a tattoo machine, where it binds with the pigment and is pushed back up out of the skin.  This is particularly beneficial for people who are concerned about processing the carcinogens in permanent tattoo ink that get broken down and released into the body during laser tattoo removal.


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