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My services are enriched by lived experience, personal values and medical training.  My practice is body positive, feminist, culturally sensitive and LGBTQIA+ friendly.

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Creating the stories you want told with your body, in your skin.


I chose Auberon as the artist for my first tattoo based on the versatility and quality of their previous body of work. Their expertise was particularly evident as we collaborated on the design of my tattoo and they applied their technical and artistic abilities to make my ideas a reality. A year later, I am so pleased with my tattoo and excited to have their work on my body; I look forward to watching their career as it develops.

Chris Lovatt

Auberon Wolf is an incredibly talented artist and a really great person to collaborate with. Auberon makes the tattooing experience a collaboration between artist and tattooer. They did an amazing job creating a beautiful piece of art with my chaotic vision. Auberon also creates a safe and comfortable environment for tattooing. I would personally recommend getting work done with them.

Emory Oakley

Getting tattooed by Auberon was a really wonderful experience all around. They did a great job of transforming my vision for my tattoo into something that looks beautiful and will age gracefully. They helped incorporate a number of different ideas and personalized the image for me, giving me a number of options to choose from. They are a gentle and fun artist to work with and I highly recommend their work.

Rachel E.

Auberon and I built my tattoo together, taking months to talk about the imagery, symbolism and the meaning that these images had in my life. We talked and shot ideas back and forth as the tattoo grew and grew into something magical. They have been gentle and compassionate, telling me to grit my teeth when I needed it, being there for me as tattooing released emotions, and making me laugh all the way through

Rian J Lloyd

Auberon did a sweet tattoo cover for me and I’m quite in love with it! I’ve also had many compliments on it, my friends are super impressed with the design and the execution, the colours are beautiful. Auberon was a pleasure to work with and I’d not hesitate to have more work done by them.

Kristina Baerg

Auberon provided a calm and comfortable tattoo experience. They were very attentive to my input and incorporated it into the final design in a creative and talented` way. They also frequently checked in on my pain levels to ensure the whole process was as pain free and comfortable as possible. I will definitely be seeing them again!

Madde J

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